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Maana Kamo

Inspired by the beauty and spirituality of Kyoto, Maana Kamo is designed to expand our minds and highlight the importance of silence within.
Blurring the lines between art and architecture, the house is an expression of an austere harmony. The juxtaposition between old and new is a delicate balance reflecting Kyoto’s unique culture today.

The original house was dark and moody. Instead of working against the house’s natural essence, we decided to accentuate it with a dark, muted and seamless approach. The intention is to create visually quiet spaces. The result is a home designed for quiet contemplation and self reflection that feels intimate and tranquil.  

At the entry is a new, open kitchen equipped with modern appliances which are hidden in plain sight. The seamless kitchen island is handcrafted with Urushi technique – a traditional Japanese wood lacquering technique. Clay walls and open shelves display local handcrafted plates and bowls for guests to use. 

A luxurious indulgence for the mind and body, our bath is a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese bathhouse. 
Japanese bathing rituals is an expression of self love, a notion that taking quiet time each day is the best way to honor yourself. Our oversized bath is the heart of this house, grounding the space with a water element. 

A Japanese tatami room designed with “slow life” in mind.
The addition of an unobtrusive modern bench allows guests to enjoy the Kamo river scenery that changes along with all four seasons. When not housing futons, this flexible space can be used for yoga and meditation.

This is a non smoking property.